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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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it may reach category four status for the outer banks of north carolina. evacuation orders are under way right now. >> if you wait until the last minute, you may not get everybody off. >> this is part of the risk. it is hurricane season. we will be back. this is a bump in the road. we hope everything turns out fine. >> then after north carolina, irene could hit new york and new england late this weekend. keep watching for latest turns in the hurricane's track. right now, a firefight is under way outside a cluster of buildings in tripoli. libyan rebels believe they have moammar gadhafi pinned down. they believe he is hiding in apartments in his compound.
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rebels have put $1.5 million bounty on gadhafi. he is wanted by the international criminal court for alleged war crimes. moammar gadhafi's son, wants a cease-fire to stop the bloodshed in tripoli. saadi contacted nic robertson by e-mail. >> reporter: he said he wants to negotiate a cease-fire. he doesn't want it to be syria. he wants help in the negotiations. he says he has reached out to washington and reached out to nato. he wants help in doing this. >> rebels claim they captured three of gadhafi's sons this week, including saadi. but saadi's status is not clear. the number of americans filing first time jobless claims
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is up again. the u.s. labor department says initial claims jumped by 5,000 last week for a total of 417,000. analysts say weekly applications need to fall below 400,000 for the economy to create jobs. and apple stock is falling today. investors are worried about the company without steve jobs at the top. jobs says he cannot longer run apple day-to-day. he will remain as the board chairman. jobs has a rare form of pancreatic cancer. he brought apple from near bankruptcy with the iconic brand of ipod and ipad and itunes. >> anybody in the world in clothing or automobile can learn from apple. >> apple's chief operating officer tim cook will takeover for steve jobs.
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a 4.5 aftershock rattled mineral, virginia today. near where the earthquake hit tuesday. the washington monument will be closed to tourists indefinitely. the quake left cracks in the stone. engineers say the national cathedral is structurally sound, but three of the four spires were snapped and caused cracks in the limestone exterior. american air says they will inspect the jet ways at los angeles international airport. one jetway collapsed last night. a pilot and passenger tumbled ten feet on the concrete tarmac. they have neck and back injuries. usually the judge throws the book at the defendant, but this defendant threw something at the judge. june carson slung a backpack at the judge in cleveland municipal court. he slugged a lawyer in the head. the backpack hit the front of the bench and the judge ducked
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anyway. >> the only time i had a concern is when the backpack was coming at me. i wasn't sure there was something that is going to come after that. i did not know if he would pull a weapon. >> june carson faced a misdemeanor trespass charge. now he has 30 days in the clink for contempt of court. along north carolina's outer banks, tourists and residents are packing up and heading to higher ground. mandatory evacuation orders are going out as hurricane irene is slamming the bahamas right now. we have jacqui jeras with the latest on irene's expected track. jim spellman is in the bahamas. let's begin with jim. you are in nassau. how is the powerful storm where are you beyond what we can see? >> reporter: hi, fredricka.
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it is plenty powerful. it is probably tropical storm-force winds. it has died down in the last hour or two. this storm is so big and it has been over 12 hours of winds like this. you can see what it is doing to the trees and high surf coming in. amazingly, i think, in nassau, there have been no reports of any major damage. all of the preparation have been holding. i just spoke with a couple of police officers. they have not had any trouble. no roofs off homes. unfortunately, some of the smaller bahamian islands are not doing well. whole settlements wiped out near cat island. those islands are getting pounded right now. it is not good here. it is not anything people want to be out in. so far, they feel like they have not had any major damage here. they are very glad about that.
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fred. >> jim, are a lot of folks who have generators or did people board up significantly? >> reporter: people have generators in their homes. in the big tourist hotels here, they are built to withstand the wind. it is deafening out here. most of the tourists along the area have gotten out. others are being hold up. locals are spending the night in the hotel. generators in people's homes. >> all right. jim spellman, obviously the weakening of our signal shows the intensifying of the storm. we will check back in with him in nassau. it is not often that america's biggest city has to deal with a
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hurricane, but that could be the case in days. michael bloomberg says new york city is prepared. >> new york city is prepared for the storm. we activated our command center at the office of emergency management. we are checking in with the national weather service. i spent a lot of time on the phone with mta chairman jay walder. we are in constant communication with the state and coordinating any needed resources with state officials and agencies. >> okay. it could be stay days away. jacqui jeras in the hurricane headquarters. we see it is barrelling down. irene is on the bahamas. it is not done. >> it is not done. it has a long way to go. the impact of the storm will be major regardless if we get a direct hit into the northeast or not. the new 11:00 advisory is in. our status is the same in terms of intensity, but the track has
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been nudged. we are at a category three storm. winds maximum at 115-mile-an-hour. the storm has pulled a bit farther up to the north. it is actually northeast of nassau where jim is. the capital avoided the brunt or core of the storm. that is a bit of good news out of this for folks down there. this is going to be moving east of florida over the next 24 plus hours. then take aim toward the carolinas as early as saturday. we are looking at a potential landfall late in the day on saturday before it continues to ride up to the north and east. notice how huge that cone of uncertainty is here. this includes a large area that we are talking about. even if we get the best ca-case scenar scenario, we will see heavy rain and strong winds. this will cause a lot of destruction and hundreds of thousands of people will end up
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without power. you need to be prepared for that. make sure you have the batteries. make sure you have plans in you cannot get in touch with people. let's show you some of that rain that we were talking about and how much we are expecting. we could see anywhere between 6 and 12 inches of rainfall. look at that core of the megalopolis. we have had flooding here in the past couple of days. we are feeling the impact of irene in the u.s. that is a little distance. it keeps wanting to do that. i had it up originally because i wanted to show you how big the storm is. it is growing bigger. the cloud shield is 800 miles. the tropical storm-force winds are 600 miles. size does matter. in a situation like this, the bigger the storm, the bigger the storm surge tends to be. that will be a great concern as this heads closer to the u.s. florida is getting showers and thundershowers.
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you are getting 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts. dangerous situation on the beaches, too, fredricka. rip current threat is high. the beach will erode away. >> it is deadly dangerous. people want to get out and ride the waves and board. don't do it. thanks so much, jacqui. here is a rundown of the stories we are covering first. a bounty is out for gadhafi. dead or alive. we will tell you who is offering and by how much. and steve jobs resigns as ceo of apple. we will look at how he has changed the way we live. and we will look at what is happening to apple stock since jobs' announcement. more on the man who will fill his shows. who is leading the pack in the republican presidents al poll. u give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ]
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call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. moammar gadhafi cornered? libyan rebels say he is being hold up near the former compound. we have arwa damon with the latest from the tripoli airport. what is the latest on the rebels' claim? >> reporter: well, the fighting unit that we are with here cannot talk about what is happening in tripoli because they are very embroiled in their battle. we have heard machine gunfire and firefight exchanged around the airport complex. they do say that in the area at the very least they are managing
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to make gains. remember, they have been struggling for control of the airport ever since they took it over. today, they say, they finally imagined to make it to gadhafi's farm around 15 minutes away. they brought this mobile home back from it. they say belongs to gadhafi himself. they are confident about that because they have seen him riding around in it. they believe that this is possibly something he may have used in recent days. that is what they are telling us. they said when they first entered the compound, there was an intense firefight. they detained a few individuals. they were trying to clear the compound. as we move further back, there is a bathroom and kitchen. everything looks like it has been packed away. it looks as if it is fairly functional. the water works as well. from one of the back rooms, they pulled out the container that contained a gas mask in it.
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the bed has also been made up. both of the beds back here are made up. then they pulled this out. the basic toiletries. some products for men. quite a few products for women as well. the fact that they managed to get their hands on this. they managed to reach gadhafi's farm. that is 15 minutes away. it makes them feel like they are beginning to make gains. they have been under intense fire in the area around the airport. >> arwa, it is surprising this rv or motorhome hasn't been ransacked or looted or damaged. why is it in such pristine condition? >> reporter: well, because they actually have been careful to make sure it is not. the rebels have been going through. they have been rifling through a lot of what is here. whenever they move away, they have been taking care to lock the doors. they say they don't want all of this stuff to be removed.
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they want to be able to go through it right away. they plan on taking it to the south. that is where the unit that captured this is located. we have been noticed because we have been here for the last few days, that the rebels are taking care not to damage anything. at the end of the day, they realize they will have to rebuild their own country. of course, they have been going through this. there was a pair of glasses around here that has gone missing. for the most part, they are being careful to try to preserve things as they are. >> arwa, is there anything more that rebels are sharing with you about the bounty for the capture or killing of gadhafi? are rebels trying to encourage people to take one route over the other in terms of capture versus killing? >> reporter: well, the overall
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sense is people want to see him captured and put to trial on a public stage. they say that would be critical for libyans that want to see some justice and accountability for all they suffered for the last 40 years. when it comes to the bounty, they do feel that on the one hand, it may encourage people to who are hiding him to give him up. they will tell you that is not about money. this is about getting gadhafi himself. it is about ending a nightmarish existence for the last four decades. there was a belief among the senior commanders that gadhafi could be hiding to the east or loyalists were clearing a route for him because of the intensity of the fighting that has happened. this location was pounded yesterday. all day and all night. now we are hearing rounds coming in once again. that heavy machine gunfire is still going on to the northeast of the airport complex. >> arwa damon, thank you so
11:18 am
much. outside the city of tripoli. now a chance to talk back on what is happening in libya. carol costello is live from new york. >> the question today is what should happen if moammar gadhafi is captured? moammar gadhafi remains at large. actually she did say that. the slippery dictator has popped up on the radio vows to fight for months or years. a gadhafi's spokesman says we will turn libya into a volcano of lava and fire. while we all wait for the hot magma to flow, the retired general says this rhetoric closes the door to the peaceful surrender by gadhafi. >> somebody needs to shoot him in the face or -- i don't know there is an alternative.
11:19 am
>> reporter: libyan rebels have put up a $1.4 million bounty to anyone who kills or captures gadhafi. knowing the eyes of the world are upon them, they would offer gadhafi a fair trial if captured alive. the international criminal court and the haag would be at issue. you remember saddam hussein who was found guilty and hanged. the video shows people taunting him. so the talk of the question today, what should happen if gadhafi is captured? i'll read your responses later this hour. >> thank you, carol. steve jobs took apple from a two-man company in a garage to a multibillion dollar power house. now that he has resigned, we look at the legacy of a man who
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steve jobs is one of the great innovators in the modern history capitalism. he is one of the genius marketers with ways of getting people to get interested in and buying products that nobody -- that we have not seen in a long time. apple is going to miss that. >> the man behind the ipod and ipad and iphone is stepping down as ceo. steve jobs stepped down from apple. the college dropout who
11:23 am
co-founded apple in his family's garage will stay on as the chairman of the board. joining me is cnn silicon valley correspondent is dan simon. dan, this is a big blow to a lot of people. >> reporter: it really is. although steve jobs has been sick for some time, the news caught many people off guard. one employee telling me here on the coopertino campus this came out of leftfield. if you would leave any company for any reason, now is the time to do it as apple has never been in better shape. >> today apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: he has been called a modern day thomas edison. >> you can do multifinger gestures on it and boy have we patented it. >> reporter: others tried to emulate his style, but rarely with the same success.
11:24 am
the apple story is well known. two kids in the garage. jobs and steve wozniac launched. >> we moved into a $2 billion company. >> reporter: in 1984, jobs introduced the macintosh. the first with multiple thoughts. sales were slow and there were internal divisions in the company. jobs was forced out. his second act a decade later is considered one of the greatest ceo tenures of all time. >> it is called the ipod touch. >> reporter: jobs brought us the ipod and a string of other life-changing technologies like the iphone and ipad. for a few years now, jobs has looked thin and frail. his health problems, including a bout with pancreatic cancer are well known.
11:25 am
he had a liver transplant two years ago. in the letter to the board, jobs writes, "i have always said if there was ever a time i could no longer meet my duties as apple ceo, i would be the first to let you know." unfortunately that day has come. >> we have computers like the imac. >> reporter: as tim cook takes the reins, he inherits a company that has never been more profitable. jobs will become chairman of the board while the company he started enters a new phase. you can see the front page of the san jose mercury news. with everything going on in the news, steve jobs is taking up the entire front page of the newspaper. when you talk about the succession plan, apple has put this together for years. tim cook taking over. if steve jobs was the product guy and the visionary guy when it came to the attention of
11:26 am
detail, tim cook really handled the balance sheets. made sure apple has churned out the profits for the last few years. tim cook put out a statement to apple employees. it says, "apple is not going to change." steve built a company like any other. that statement today coming from apple's new ceo tim cook. fred. >> dan, you covered a lot of apple events. you have seen jobs in person many times. what is the distinguishing quality based on your encounters? >> reporter: every time i went to one of these events, it took on the feel of a sporting event. the excitement and the crowds. people just wanting to see the latest. one thing that sticks out in my mind and i think we have a picture of this.
11:27 am
this was during the ipad two presentation. there was a picture. it says liberal arts meets technology. the intersection. if i could give you an example that steve jobs has talked about over the years. when he was a freshman at reed college. he went to a caligraphy class. he really liked it. he took the class and turned that into beautiful typography. just because of that one class. taking the best of culture and inserting it into products. that is what apple is all about. >> dan simon, thanks so much. libyan rebels think they are closing in on moammar gadhafi. we will go live to libya for the latest on claims of having gadhafi cornered. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time.
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11:31 am
jobs resignation. we will go live to wall street to get reaction. and the east coast gets ready for a powerful hurricane. rebel leaders think they have moammar gadhafi cornered. here is the latest. the rebels tell cnn that they believe gadhafi and his sons are hiding out near the former compound. they have the area surrounded. a $1.5 million bounty has been placed on his capture. efforts are under way to give the opposition access to libyan money frozen in foreign banks. the u.s. will ask the united nations security council to release up to $1.5 billion. we will hear from dan rivers mome momentarily right after this. [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
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let's get more now on the claim by libyan rebels that they have moammar gadhafi and his sons surrounded. we have dan rivers joining us from tripoli. how credible is this information from the rebels? >> reporter: i think we have to be deeply skeptical about it, frankly. they have been proven wrong in the past with their claims. for example, the capture of one of gadhafi's sons, saadi. he showed up at the rixos hotel. yesterday, they told me they thought they had gadhafi cornered into a different part of the city. that turned out to be wrong. there is an element of wishful thinking and talking a good
11:35 am
game. especially to the media. they are desperate to try to finish this off and find, capture or kill colonel gadhafi. the reality is this is a big sprawling city. to the south, it is still dicey. there are a lot of places he could hide. that is assuming he is in tripoli. he could have fled to his hometown of sert. there are lots of options for him. at the moment, we have the one source on reuters claiming the rebel source claiming they think he may be cornered into an apartment building somewhere in the vicinity of his compound, but nearby. that is all we have at the moment. >> in the meantime, dan, it sounds quiet where you are. looking at the traffic moving behind you. can you give us a sense of what is and is not taking place in
11:36 am
downtown tripoli? >> reporter: things are normalizing here slowly, but surely. there are encouraging signs of normal life beginning to resume in parts of the city. you can still hear a bit of celebratory gunfire. we have reports of shops beginning to open in some places. restaurants and cafes beginning to unshutter their store fronts after days of fighting. it is different in different parts of the city. near the port, there is a dense of normality. look at the cars. this is normal life. certainly, i'm beginning to see on the streets, that someone sweeping up the debris and sweeping up the spent bullet cartridges. that gives you a sense that people are beginning to feel the
11:37 am
worst may be over in their neighborhood and they want normal life to begin as soon as possible. >> dan rivers in tripoli. thank you. back here in the u.s., apple stock value is falling after steve jobs resigns. alison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange. how are stocks doing today? is apple taking a hit because of jobs' resignation? >> reporter: fredricka, stocks overall are in the negative. stocks down 115 points. we did see the markets get an initial pop at the opening bell thanks to berkshire hathaway. bank of america is surging 12%. apple is lower 1.75%. they are not concerned about the future of apple after steve jobs. stock is trading at $371 a
11:38 am
share. a majority of analysts have a price of $500 a share or higher. investors know apple is a sound company without jobs at the helm. since he announced the leave this year. apple shares have gained 17%. >> it is tim cook that will take over that job from jobs. is there a feeling that apple will remain the same? >> reporter: there is that feeling. you know, tim cook, fredricka, has been running the day-to-day operations since jobs took medical leave in january. he has 30 years experience in the computer industry. he worked at ibm and compaq. he was named coo in 2005. he negotiated with wireless networks that carried the iphone. one thing cook is responsible
11:39 am
for is the retail store strategy. everyone knows the apple store when they see one. cook sent out an e-mail to employees saying apple will not change. he wrote that steve built a company and a culture that is unlike any other in the world. we are going to stay true to that. it is is our dna. it is the hope that the apple tradition will carry on. >> alison kosik, thank you so much. you may be concerned about this along the east coast. hurricane watches are going up along the east coast as hurricane irene heads that way. the storm is already causing widespread damage in the bahamas. we will check the latest on irene's expected track. it is bigger and brighter and now even easier to find cnn's most compelling video. we invite you to check out the groundbreaking video experience at
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already widespread damage as hurricane irene pounds the bahamas at this hour. in a couple of days from now, the u.s. east coast is expected to come face-to-face with the storm. there is an exodus of ships and cars on the outer banks of north carolina. tour ifists have been ordered t leave and residents could get that as well. the navy has ordered ships to move out to sea in norfolk, virginia. the most eastern tip of long island is keeping a close eye on irene. officials on montauk are worried about flooding and power outages should irene keep the current storm track. they are taking hurricane
11:44 am
precautions in new hampshire. it could be that powerful for that long. the big worry is flooding. state officials are asking people to stock up on food and items in advance of hurricane irene. hurricane irene is hundreds of miles along the north carolina coast. the storm is over the bahamas right now where it is expected to stay most of today. then it will be heading north to the u.s. if irene stays on track, millions of people will be feeling the impact as we just spelled out. a lot of them would be losing power, water and phone service and you name it. it could be miserable if it does what it is promising to do. jacqui jeras is with us now with more on the track. >> the track, you know, as we think could be heading to the carolinas on saturday and move northeast. the thing to think about, this is not just a coastal storm. you don't need to be prepared on the coast, but 100 or 200 miles inland from this thing.
11:45 am
we will help you do that. we have an emergency disaster kit. the first thing is you have to have a family plan. talk to your husband or kids. where will you be at the time the storm hits? find out if you have to evacuate. you can get online and find the emergency manager web sites have that information. if you don't, could you be prone to flooding or prone to tornadoes? where is the safest place in the house for that stuff? then, the chances after the storm hits, you will lose power. you need to be prepared for three days, at least, to not have any power. >> or water. >> or water. water is one of the things you need. non-perishable food items. like the mre-type foods or can of beans. >> if you have cans, have a can opener. >> one that is not electric. >> exactly. >> in addition to food or water, that is for everybody in the
11:46 am
house. you need things like a flashlight. if you will not have power, you need this. a hand crank. >> i have not seen that. >> you don't need batteries. this is an all in one. you have the flashlight and an alarm. if you are stuck in rubble and need to identify yourself and it has a noaa weather radio on it. >> it has everything. >> if you don't have a hand crank one, what is the bigst thing you need? >> batteries. >> the first aid kit. a lot of people get injured in debr debris. nails are out there and power lines are down. make sure you have one of these. something else to think about. cell phone chargers. make sure the cell phone is charged. make sure your gas tank is full. >> if you don't have power, then charging your cell phone. >> might not help you out. >> that is why you have the car charger. >> the nice card right there.
11:47 am
>> a prepaid card for phones. atms will not be usable. make sure you have enough cash. have an out of state contact. somebody somewhere else that is not impacted by the storm that you can get a hold of to make plans. >> these are things you need to have. a lot of people think if they are in an area that is subject to a hurricane and boarding up and reinforcing the house, but if you are in the area, you need the supply kit. >> you can put together your own or find this online or home depot and stuff has these kits. >> good to know. thanks, jacqui. our talkback question of the day. what should happen if gadhafi is captured? we will read through your responses. hear them roar. "forbes" has the list of the most powerful women of the
11:48 am
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visit we keep you posted on all that's taking police in libya. cnn is confirming that a purported message from moammar gadhafi has aired on a loyalist television station. in that message he's encouraging his supporters to continue fighting, and he says not to be scared. we'll get more information as we get it. in the meantime, our talkback question had a lot to do with libya. carol costello is in new york with us with the responses already. >> what should happen if moammar
11:51 am
gadhafi should be captured? that's the question. >> yes, what's going to happen? it's amazing he he keeps popping up on the radio, isn't it? ray says he should be prosecuted by his own people. there's no reason for an international court to be involved. he has to answer to the people under his rule. they're the only ones that should be allowed to judge him. this from chase. the new libyan government should try him for whatever crimes he's accused of but they need to lay the groundwork for a productive and civil societies with a fair trial and fair treatment. this from michael. the arab world isn't as squeamish as the westerners, but imprisoning him would lessen his appeal. a trial would show him for the delusional terrorist he is. this from from jorgen. we can offer knowledge and guidance to stabilize want country but we can't make other
11:52 am
couldn countries' problems ours. i'll be back with you in 20 minutes soor so. >> before the break perhaps you heard we first told you that first lady michelle obama is number eight on "forbes" magazine list of most powerful women. who is the top three? >> i think coming in at number three was fredricka whitfield. >> yeah, okay. there we go. dilma rousseff at number three, president of brazil, and hillary clinton secretary of state, and number one angela merkel, president of germany. women in power of countries and policies. thanks so much, carol. >> sure. you know him as the guy who yelled, you lie! at president obama. today some health news involving
11:53 am
representative joe wilson. we've got that story and more in the cnn political ticker. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, when you insure both your home and car with us, it could save you time and money. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life. so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? president barack obama can escape washington's searing political heat, but the punch line can singe a president no matter where he vacations. >> meanwhile, president obama is still vacations on march than's vineyard enjoying all the fun and sun. it's sad when your spf factor is
11:56 am
higher than your approval rating, don't you think? he received national attention for calling the president a liar. now representative joe wilson is having health problems. kate baldwin is part of the best political team on television. what's going on with the congressman? >> some troubling news for south carolina congressman joe wilson. he's hospitalized for what his office called an extended fever. it's not clear what caused it this week, wilson's office released a statement saying he was postponing a series of appearances in his district during the recess because he's possibly contracted lyme disease doing yardwork at his home. he's likely familiar for the attention he received after shouting you lie at president obama during an address to the joint session of congress back in 2009. we could remind our viewers also that wilson later apologized for that. we'll be wishing him well and a speedy recovery and keep you
11:57 am
updated on that. >> let's talk about some poll numbers now involving the presidential contenders. mitt romney, where is he on the list? >> yeah. very interesting poll numbers that have a lot of people talking. mitt romney led republican contenders in gallup's july numbers, but a now gallup poll puts rick perry at the top of the republican field. according to the survey of republican leaning independents, he leads the gop field with 29% support. he's followed by former massachusetts governor mitt romney and congressman paul at 13% and michele bachmann with 10% support. it is, of course, still early, and this is only one poll, but very interesting nojs and has a lot of people talking today. >> thanks so much in washington. >> of course. for the latest plit yolitic news goes to
11:58 am
top of the hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. the u.s. navy dispatched dozens of ships to open sea today to get them out of the way of hurricane irene. it's barreling through the bahamas today with top winds at 115 miles per hour. it will impact the east coast this weekend even if the eye doesn't come ashore. disaster officials are already getting ready for major disruptions. >> i would caution people, don't get too hung up on the actual category of the hurricane. we've seen tropical storms produce devastating flooding and even up here in the northeast with some of the tropical force winds we can see a lot of power outages. apple's stock is down today. investors are worried about the company without steve jobs at the top. jobs says he can no longer run apple day to day though he'll remain chairman of the board. he has a rare form of pancreatic
11:59 am
cancer. he brought the ipod, itunes, iphone and ipad. >> every other company in the world whether they're in consumer electronics or clothing or automobiles, they can learn from apple and what they do. >> apple's chief operating officer tim cook will take over for receive jobs. a man identified as moammar gadhafi spoke on a libyan radio station a short time ago. he called on his fighters to continue the resistance and destroy the rebels. it's not clear if the broadcast was live or taped. in the meantime that radio message comes as libyan rebels say they think they were gadhafi pinned down. they tell cnn he may be hiding in apartments not far from his compound. some of his sons may be with him as well. italy confirms four italian journalists were released in libya today. they were kidnapped a day earlier on a road about 50 miles
12:00 pm
west of tripoli. the italian foreign ministry isn't sure who grabbed the reporters, but a spokesman says he presumes it was pro-gadhafi forces. gold is falling for the third day in a row. it opened at $1765 an ounce in new york trading today. that's the lowest price in a week and following record highs above $1900. analysts say a report showing strong gains in manufacturing prompted the sell-off of gold, which some see as a safe haven in tough times. the number of americans filing first-time jobless claims is up again. the u.s. labor department says initial claims jumped by 5,000 last week for a total of 417,000. analysts say weekly applications need to fall well loefr 400,000 for the economy to create jobs. a 4.5 magnitude aftershock rattled virginia today. it was centered near the town of mineral where the original east
12:01 pm
coast earthquake hit on tuesday. they say washington's national dralt is structurally sound but it snapped three of the four spires and caused significant cracks in the exterior. by the way animals at washington's national zoo are giving the stock to the notion creatures can sense earthquakes before it happened. the apes stopped eating and climbed to higher ground, lemurs and orangutans let out a screech and the flamingos huddled together until the quake was over. >> all of these behaviors were atypical given the behaviors we observe in these animals. >> we thought it was strange. we stopped what we were doing and watched her and we knew what was going on. we felt the shaking.
12:02 pm
>> they say the giant pandas were the only animals that didn't notice the earthquake. along north carolina's outer banks tourists and some residents are packing up and heading to higher ground. hurricane irene heads that way. right now it's slamming the bahamas. cnn is your hurricane headquarters. chad meyers has the latest on irene's expected track, john zarrella is on the north carolina coast and jim is in the bahamas. let's begin with jim. what's happening right now from nassau? >> reporter: it's driving rains over 14 hours now of this driving wind and pounding rain that's been pummeling nassau, bahamas here. amazingly i think so far still no major damage. these buildings, the larger buildings are really built to withstand this kind of thing. they haven't made out so well in
12:03 pm
the more southern bahamasian islands where they were getting terrible reports of whole settlements wiped out. we'll keep an eye on that as indications open up during the day and are able to get some cell service back down there and try to find out what's going on. here people are starting to emerge from their homes to drive around and kind of get a look, and people are saying there's mild damage back in their neighborhoods, trees down, power lines down. still, nothing too dramatic here damagewise, which i have to say is really amazing to me because it's been hour after hour of these strong winds, fredricka. >> jim spellman, thanks so much from nassau. appreciate that. chad myers is tracking the hurricane named irene all from the hurricane headquarters here. the bahamas completely in the clear yet. there's a bit of a lull right now, but it's still being pummeled in a big way, right? >> jim is right there under that letter s in nassau. the eye has gone by him a little
12:04 pm
bit to the northeast of him right there. there's the eye. we're beginning to see anz eye again for most of the overnight hours. that means the storm wasn't as strong down here over long island down here in the bahamas. it's getting into warm water through here and is going to regenerate and going to get to that category 4 hurricane strength today. you have to get to above 131 to get there? that means we have all the technicals. florida will get huge waves. there's going to be erosion and coastal flooding and there will be problems in florida a long the coasts even without a direct hit. so it's already seeing a little bit of rain coming here. florida is seeing a couple of the outer bands into south dade and miami and even one big cell coming there to about fort lauderdale. that's the kurncurrent situatio. the whole thing is spinning, so that spin could indicate a couple of tornadoes that could come down. these are not big f-5 tornadoes
12:05 pm
that hit tuscaloosa and birmingham and middle of oklahoma. these are small tornadoes, but they can do damage at 100 miles per hour. then we move the storm up the coast, and here's where it is very, very scary. this is where it starts to be the 125-mile-per-hour storm, very close and maybe motherhead city or cape fear. if it's off the coast, that's the best care scenario. there are all kinds of news crews throughout to get great shots. if you see the news crews going that way, you want to get off the island. it's not a safe place to be. don't like the fact we're out there at all. there's the three. there it goes up to the north. it crosses over the eastern sections of cape hatteras, and then all of a sudden it's going to hit land and die. there's no land over there on eastern north carolina. that's all swamp basically. that's still water. it's going to be very strong as it goes over virginia beach
12:06 pm
right up the coast right over wildwood. if the middle of the cone is correct and goes up the hudson, and the flooding and damage to new york city will be tremendous. if it goes to the east, not so bad. if it goes to the left up the delaware water gap, the damage to the city and all those surrounding areas would be tremendous. billions of dollars. >> oh, my goodness. we'll keep a watch of this. wouldn't it be nice if it suddenly took a sharp turn out east? >> that's what it looked like a couple days ago. it doesn't look like that now. >> we head to north carolina because that's the next big place keeping a close watch on this. that's where we find john zarrella at wrightsfield beach right now in north carolina. right now looks very nice. a few folks are enjoying it as best they can, because irene is on the way. >> reporter: yeah, it's kind of interesting, fredricka, when you look around us. all these people are on the beach, it's a beautiful day here in coastal north carolina. the irony of that is that the
12:07 pm
governor of north carolina and virginia have declared in advance of the arrival of the storm states of emergency in these -- along their coastal communities and in their states because of the growing threat that this storm could come very close or perhaps right over the coastal areas of these two states. now, we're under a tropical storm watch here, and a hurricane watch up off the outer banks. now, both of these could very likely be changed to warnings by this afternoon when the hurricane center puts out the next advisory at 5:00. you know, right now for anybody from north carolina northward, i'm sure chad has mentioned this, all the way northward up into maine, it's time to start stocking up on the supplies. don't wait until the last minute when everything is ripped from the shelves, and there's nothing left. make sure you get your water. make sure you have your medicines and your first aid kits and your flashlights and your batteries, your portable
12:08 pm
radios, a portable tv if you have one, enough water for four days for every member of your family. all those things are essential if the power goes out. make sure you have a safe room designated in your house. and evacuation routes chosen, and you know where you've got to go if you've got to leave. it's not too early to plan for all those eventualities because clearly irene is coming and will come close to north carolina, virginia, and perhaps right up the coastline. but again, as you can see here,ed fredricka, a nice day. people are getting out, and tomorrow morning probably be pretty nice as well here, and then things will start to deteriorate into the late afternoon/evening and certainly by saturday. the coastal cupcakes gave us these today to get us through the day in case we had nothing else to eat with the hurricane symbols on this and the flags on there.
12:09 pm
i felt compelled, because they went to so much trouble to do that for us. >> that's so sweet. >> to give them a plug. >> literally, very sweet. >> reporter: it really is. i'll save you one. >> please do. thanks so much, john zarrella, appreciate that. great emphasis on having a plan for anyone living along the east coast. let's look at the rundown of some stories we're covering over the next hour. first we're live in tripoli where libyan rebels say they have cornered moammar gadhafi. what does steve jobs' resignation mean for the future of the country? i'll talk to an editor with about that. later, a head-on collision between a police car and wrong-way driver is caught on tape. hey!
12:10 pm
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flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. new from libya today. a message from gadhafi urging his fighters to continue the resistance and not to be scared. it was played on a loyalist radio station. earlier they said they believed he was holed up in an apartment complex near the former compound. the rebels have surrounded the areas, however other reports of gadhafi being cornered have turned out to be wrong. we're also getting in these new pictures of the fighting in tripoli. rebels are trying to stamp out remaining areas of resistance as the focus shifts to find gadhafi.
12:13 pm
now your chance to talk back on what's happening in libya. carol costello is live from new york with some of your responses and the question, carol. >> reporter: yes, the question today, fredricka. what should happen if moammar gadhafi is captured? moammar gadhafi does remain at large. the dictator has evaded capture to pop up on the radio like he did today. he called the rebels rats. his spokesman said earlier we will turn libya into a volcano of lava and fire under the feet of the invaders and their treacherous majors. they say this kind of rhetoric closes the door to a peaceful surrender by gadhafi. >> someone needs to shoot him in the face, and i don't know that there's an alternative. >> libyan rebels have put $1.4 million bounty on gadhafi's head captured dead or alive. still, knowing the eyes of the world are upon them, still they
12:14 pm
should they would offer gadhafi a fair trial if captured alive. the international criminal court and hague wants gadhafi, too. we know what a criminal trial in the hague would look like. if it took place in libya, would it resemble that trial or saddam hussein's trial in iraq. remember he was found guilty and hanged. a videotape from his execution showed people taunting him and it was an international controversy. the talk-back question today, what should happen if gadhafi is captured? i'll read your responses later in the show. >> thanks so much, carol. look forward to that. now, let's go live to libya for the latest. we're from the libyan international airport where rebels have found a hideout. what more can you tell us about the situation there? >> reporter: fredricka, we've heard quite a bit of heavy
12:15 pm
machine gunfire and sounds of explosion from the northeast. the battle around the tripoli airport is not over, but rebels are saying they're making significant gains and pointing to this bounty as evidence of that. last hour we showed you the interior of the mobile home they got off gadhafi's farm located around 15 minutes away. there was an intense firefight there. one rebel fighter was killed and another one was wounded. they say they detained a number of individuals that were at the farm, but at the same time they drove up these two golf carts that they saw they also brought from that location. the senior commander said how he could clearly remember a clip he saw on television back in march of gadhafi coming out of a golf course holding an umbrella. for the rebels on the farm, we've been talking to them. they say siege the tyeeing the luxurious life colonel gadhafi
12:16 pm
was living makes them want to capture him and bring him to justice. >> even though the bounty is for capture or killing, most are feeling they would rather he be captured alive? >> reporter: that's the sense we're getting. they want him to be accountable, and they want him to stand a trial whether one in libya or one on the international stage. they say that he has caused this country and its people to suffer so much that he has to be held accountable. there has to be some sort of closure to this all. so many of these young fighters have already lost loved ones. one of the commanders here, for example, his father was the main fighter to the south. his father was killed. he picked up his father's mantle and is fighting for his father and all of libyans. they want to see this resolved, and they want to see justice
12:17 pm
served. >> thanks so much in tripoli at the international airport. steve jobs took apple to the heights of success. now he's resigned as ceo. we'll look at who is taking over the biggest technology company in the world now, and what it means for apple's future. [ male announcer ] they'll see you...before you see them. cops are cracking down on drinking and riding. drive sober, or get pulled over. cops are cracking down on drinking and riding. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business -- it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities, so we're helping them with advice from local business experts and extending $18 billion in credit last year. that's how we're helping set opportunity in motion.
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12:19 pm
steve jobs is one of the great innovators in the history of modern capitalism. he's also one of the genius marketers with ways of getting people to get interested in and buying products that nobody -- we haven't seen in a long time. apple is going to miss that without question. >> the man behind the ipad, the
12:20 pm
ip ipod, and iphone is stepping down from his job as apple's ceo. steve jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for several years now and has been on medical leave since january. he only alluded in his health in his letter to rez mags to apple's board last night saying quote, i have always said if there ever came a die that i can't meet my dutieduties, i woe the first to let you know. unfortunately, the day has come. joining me now to talk about jobs' resignation and the future of apple is's new york bureau chief john abel. john, jobs and apple are enter changeable. when you see how ipad, ipods, iphones all influenced other companies, is jobs the single most influential person in the computer technology industry in your view, as well?
12:21 pm
>> certainly you can make a case for that. clearly the digital age he's the number one ceo. broader than that, he's more important than bill gates and hewlett-packard and people like that. broader than that you could make a case he's one of the greatest ceos in the history of the ceo dom. we won't know that for a while. he's up there vying for a number one overall. >> tim cook has been jobs' right hand. while he may be leading differently, and his style may be different, would he stick to the same vision of the company, the same kind of method of execution? >> yes, absolutely. he has apple dna through and
12:22 pm
through. he, jobs and johnny the designer have been working together for a very, very long time. cook has run the company on and off for years. there was a time when the spiritual leader role was very important, and steve jobs was that. he would rally the fans and do the developers' conferences and he would say, you know, we can do it. we can beat these guys, and people would love that. now apple is a mainstream consumer products company, and their leader is now somebody who knows how to get things from the drawing board to the manufacturing plant to the stores better than anybody probably in the business. so it's a perfect time for tim cook, and he certainly knows the company inside and out. >> even without jobs, you know, his dna is throughout the company. we heard in that tim cook statement that is very much the case through the company culture, apparently inventions and ideas with many years' reach are apparently in the pipeline. people may not see a real difference in apple, at least in the near future. would you agree with that? >> yeah. companies tend to have things in
12:23 pm
the design stage many, many years before they reach fruition. gillette used to say when it they released a new razor, thrp working on the one to replace the one they were announcing today. apple was working on the ipad before they released the iphone. so it's anybody's guess what they're working on at cupertino. it's a secretive company, and rightly so. yes, in the short and medium term we see the same kind of stuff coming from apple. whether they're hits or misses, we don't know. that's a matter of the market to decide. we will see innovation. the real question for apple is in 10 to 20 years, in 20 years and beyond. when the current leaders that were part of the jobs era are no longer running the company. the way things go in the marketplace, though, companies tend to have a life span of being on top of their game for a generation or so anyway unless
12:24 pm
they're ibm. so that timing would even sort of make sense to see what apple could be in its next phase. >> fantastic. john abel, a new york bureau chief of thanks so much for your time. >> pleasure. checking some of the stories our affiliates are covering across the country. a driver in oklahoma city was caught on this police dash cam in a head-on collision with a police cruiser. the suv's driver was traveling the wrong way. the deputy had minor injuries. the 21-year-old driver is in jail. and check this out. what was supposed to be a routine court appearance in cleveland got a little violent. the defendant threw a backpack at the judge, and then he was tackled. he was facing trespassing charges. now he has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt of court. in rockford, iowa among the mourners at a funeral for a navy s.e.a.l., his dog on the floor
12:25 pm
lying next to the casket. about 1500 people showed up to see good-bye to jothe soldier w turned 35 years old just last month. a cnn i-reporter brought dramatic pictures of celebrations in libya. we'll check in with him live to find out what happened after the party ended and the reality set in. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65,
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12:28 pm
libyans take to the streets to celebrate rebel victories against moammar gadhafi and his forces. then the doctor accused in the death of pop star michael jackson heads to court to plead his case for a sequestered jury. later, the east coast gets prepared for a powerful hurricane. if we're following a minute by minute developments in libya. here's the latest. a message said to be from moammar gadhafi urges his fighters to continue the resistance and not to be scared. the message was played on a loyalist radio station. earlier libyan rebels said they believed gadhafi and his sons
12:29 pm
were holed up in an apartment complex near his former compound. other reports of gadhafi cornered have turned out to be wrong. we're also just getting in new pictures of the fighting in tripoli. rebels are trying to stamp out remaining areas of resistance as the focus shifts to finding gadhafi. who are the people who would take over libya once gadhafi is captured? in february people in eastern libya got together and formed the national transitional council. there are 33 members, and these are the two top leaders, on the left is the chairman jalil, and on the right is the vice chairman and spokesperson ghoga. jalil is a judge who was part of gadhafi's regime. he resigned as minister of justice six months ago after seeing troops loyal to gadhafi shoot peaceful demonstrators. he often ruled against the government during his career. human rights groups have praised him for bravely trying to reform
12:30 pm
the criminal code. here's what he said on libyan tv about his role as leader. >> translator: my role after the fall of gadhafi will continue unless i lose control of the golden aspirations that i aim for. >> the vice chairman ghoga is a human rights lawyer and community organizer. he was arrested after the anti-government protests began and released a few days later. he says once gadhafi is out the group hopes to hold national elections within three months. the transitional council includes a professor educate in the u.s., a former political prisoner and an attorney whose uncle was imprisoned for opposition activities. the council has already drawn up the draft of the constitution. it sets out a plan to create a multi-party democracy with islamic sharia law as the main source of legislation. a cnn i-reporter from south carolina gets an up close look at the dramatic events
12:31 pm
across libya. we talked with sammy earlier this week, and he has since filed this picture of libyans hoisting a banner saluting nato leaders for their efforts. he joins us once again from been gauzegy, libya. what's happening right now? is it still festive or have things calmed down a little bitz? >> yes, everything is fantastic in benghazi. every night they celebrate. people are still quite aware there's fighting going on. they know for a fact gadhafi hasn't been captured, so the war is still going on. they're celebrating, but not celebrating the end of the war. >> what are people saying about the fact that gadhafi is a fugitive, that he and his sons
12:32 pm
are holed up somewhere? do people talk at all about their fears or their concerns about that? >> yeah, of course, there are fears that he might never be caught, and more than that there are people more certain he will be caught. there's the uncertainty without his capture or his death documented that ntc will have a hard time getting legitimacy as a true ruling force of libya if gadhafi is still at large somewhere and has the ability to reappear at some time. that's very important for the libyan people and for the national transitional council itself. >> and so i wonder -- >> to make sure everybody in libya knows he's dead. >> sammi, can you paint a picture for the scene in
12:33 pm
benghazi. what does it look like around you? are people spending the majority of the time inside their homes right now? just tell me what it's like. >> during the month of ramadan traditionally it's very slow during the days, and that's the situation here in benghazi. for most of the day the people stay at home. some of the shops are open, of course, but only a few hours a day. the city really comes alive at night, and it really comes alive when good news comes through about the war. when there's a large, breaking story such as the liberation of tripoli or the seize of gadhafi's compound, the streets just surge with people and cars and everyone is extremely happy. >> thanks so much, for your i-reporting out of benghazi. back in this country much of the east coast get get slammed by hurricane irene this weekend. a lot of people could lose
12:34 pm
power, water, and phone service. if you live in the path of the storm, we'll show you a hurricane preparation kit that could help you get through the worst of it. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st.
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12:37 pm
this weekend millions of people could feel the impact of hurricane irene if it makes landfall on the east coast as expected. jason carroll is live from rockaway beach, new york. what kind of preparations are being made there? >> reporter: well, fredricka, let me set the scene where we are. this is a low-lying area on the east coast. we're only about 14 feet above sea level, and if you look at a map of this area where we are in rockaway, about 30 minutes outside of manhattan, on one side you have jamaica bay and on the other side you have the atlantic ocean. the worry here -- they've seen it in the past -- when you have a major storm that comes through, you have something that's called when the bay meets the ocean.
12:38 pm
what's trapped in between? places like this. you have businesses like the sandbar on the boardwalk. i spoke to the owner here. he says they're going to stay open. it's a little too early for them even in this economy when you have a hurricane coming, you stay open as long as you can. these guys won't board up until at least late friday, possibly early saturday. that doesn't mean people here are not concerned. i want to introduce you to one of these men and i spoke to him earlier. this is danny, and he's lived here for 16 years and lives eight blocks away from where we stand now. we were talking earlier if an evacuation is ordered whether you will stay or go? >> i'm going to feel it out. category 1, i'll hang in there. higher, i'll go to the mainland. i'm only here 16 years, and i hear the last storm 1985, hurricane hugo, i spoke to a few of my residents and friends and
12:39 pm
they said they definitely left when hurricane hugo hit. >> reporter: there's this concern about whether or not the ocean meets the bay. a little bit of a history lesson, fredricka, it happened in 1960 during hurricane donna and in 1944 during an unnamed storm. this is what long time residents are telling me. only 14 feet above sea lel where we are now. any concern about that happening this time around? >> oh, sure. there was a lot of concern about it. i didn't live here when the bay met the ocean. that's a disaster. you have a the lot of local areas with flooding and stuff like that. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: right now a little early here, frederique at thric and see. residents are going to wait until they board up and wait to see exactly where that hurricane tracks. fredricka. >> thanks so much. maybe too early for the folks at ho rockaway beach in new york. not too early for virginia, north carolina and new jersey where the governors there have
12:40 pm
declared states of emergency in advance of hurricane irene. let's check in with chad myers. other ways people need to be prepared. those governors say let's go they're. now what about about regular citizens. what can folks do to brace? >> you need to prepare to camp for five days. i know we have all of this stuff, and we hold it up. people are trying to write it down. i need this, i need this, i need this. what you need to think about is going camping. i don't care if you camp in the fifth floor apartment. you don't have water or electricity. what do you do to camp for five days? be prepared. >> good way of putting it. >> don't expect the government to take care of you, because there will be millions of people in the same situation. go out and buy water. you have to buy water? no. i just stau you had this on your desk. it's a bottle of water. >> fill up your tub and sinks. >> when you finish the gallon of milk, rinse it out and fill it up with water and put it in the fridge. water is water. when it gets closer, then you
12:41 pm
maybe fill up your tub because you might need that to flush the toilet and other things. don't drink that. turn your freezer as cold as it will go. not the fridge. then you might have three or four days whether it actually melts. medicines, you have to get those refills. let's say you have ten days worth of medicine left, and all of a sudden the pharmacy is not open for 11. what do you do? you're out of medicine. get that next month's refill right now. maybe sure the babies have things. they need special things, diapers and things. get some gas in the car. don't make everything a big run on gas, but the car makes air-conditioning for you. the car makes power for you. you can plug in your charger on the phone. there's so many ways you don't think about unless you're camping like that. also remember if this thing makes a run at the hudson bay, there are only so many ways off long island, and that's an issue. i can't tell you when it's going to be like with 50,000 cars on long island expressway stopped
12:42 pm
and the hurricane comes because nobody else can get off. prepare early. >> and have some cash? atms won't be working. when things do finally open up, it will be cash only. >> money talks. >> that's right. appreciate that. thank you. we're going to talk about legal matters like should the jury in the michael jackson trial be sequestered? details straight on head on that. [ waves crashing ] [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves
12:43 pm
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in about 15 minutes attorneys for the man accused in the death of pop legend michael jackson will make his argument for sequestering a jury. dr. murray's lawyers say it's the only way he'll get a fair
12:45 pm
trial next month. thelma gutierrez explains why they want to keep jurors away from certainly media personalities. >> reporter: huge controversy surrounding this case. >> a manslaughter trial. >> he continues to practice. >> the criminal trial against michael jackson's personal physician hasn't even started. all right the intense scrutiny and publicity the case is generating is worrying the defense team, especially on the heel of the massive coverage of the casey anthony trial. murray's attorneys say this trial will be bigger, calling it the most publicized in history. so they filed a motion asking the court to sequester jurors for the duration of the trial, which is expected to last six weeks. >> i would like to try just in this courtroom, and the only way that i think that can be done is probably to have a sequestered jury. >> there is a less than 10% chance that this jury will be sequestered. >> reporter: defense attorney
12:46 pm
shepherd copp says sequestration is expensive and the state is broke. look what happened in florida where the jury in the casey anthony trial was sequestered costing taxpayers there nearly $200,000. >> you have to have individual hotel rooms for each juror. you have to provide for their meals. >> reporter: and round the clock security. but this defense attorney says since cameras will be allowed in the courtroom, it's the only way to insulation jurors. >> you eliminate the possibility they're talking to friendses and family and inadvertently seeing news. in a case like this, which is as high profile as it gets, it's not unreasonable to ask to sequester a jury. >> reporter: sequestration could run well into the six figures on top of the cost of the trial. defense experts argue in this highly publicized case it may be the price of a fair trial for dr. murray. thelma gutierrez, cnn, los angeles. today's talk-back question, rebels say they have libyan leader moammar gadhafi
12:47 pm
surrounded, but what should happen to the dictator if he is captured. carol costello has your responses coming up. first, here's free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> time for the help desk for answers to your financial questions. interesting questions. yours is from kevin. how much should parents save for each childs 529? a percentage of our monthly income or based on the type of school the child may attend? some people do this at birth. you don't know if they're going to private university or a state school. >> poppy, you so nailed it. i think the first question to ask is what is your family's philosophy about paying for education? that may have to change going forwards. we have a retirement crisis and a lot of families can't do both. if you k-tcan, the key is to sa as much as you can early in their life. avoid gift tax issues in a 529.
12:48 pm
you can put in up to 26,000 a year, put in 65,000 lump sum if you don't contribute the next for yours after that. rather than thinking of a set percentage or a specific type of school, i really want parents to think about can they fund their retirement first and foremost, and then with what's left over, what's the maximum amount they can put in as early on as possible to have that run and compound for them? >> they don't want to pay for the child's education all the way through and have their child take care of them in retirement? >> exactly. not a win for anyone. >> great advice. if you have a question you want answered send us an e-mail anytime at can i have some ice cream, please ?
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
we want to show you new images posted on youtube that we want to bring to you. these images right here apparently showing rebel forces liberated prisoners from the prison in tripoli. this video was actually posted on youtube wednesday, august 24th, and you will see also in the images here that rebels apparently break open some metal doors of the cells with the prisoners who are waiting inside, and many of them then released. these images here from youtube. more now on all that's taping place in libya.
12:52 pm
carol costello is in new york for us with the talk-back question. what should happen if moammar gadhafi is to be captured? what do people say? >> let me give it a go here. it would be best if tried in libya and sent to war crimes trial. after conviction he should be sent back to libya for execution. libya needs to start as a democratic country for all the people's futures. in the end it's up to the lynnilynn i libyan people. this is from kevin. trial in the hague. this from john, it's unlikely he'll let anyone take him alive or the rebels have any desire to. the best thing to be was to kill him. na there's no doubt he deserves it. this is from bob. everyone deserves a fair trial, even if you are a leader of a country. give him a fair trial, and let his peers determine his fate. keep the conversation going
12:53 pm
facebo thank you for your comments. >> carol, i know you probably have incorporated some new words into your lexicon, new words that -- >> i try to remain hip. >> you got to sometimes, right? look at some of the new words that have made it into the dictionary. some of this year's additions to the miriam webster collegiate domest dictionary. the new meaning of tweet is in the dictionary. you knew that was coming, and then social media made the cut as did the helicopter parent, the term for overzealous moms and dads that hover over their young at the playground and anywhere else. you get used to the boomerang child. you thought your kid went away and then here they come again. fist bump. you know that, carol? >> michelle obama made it famous. come on. >> that's right, during that election season.
12:54 pm
now we're all hip. we all know what's in webster's nowadays. >> somebody tweeted me a new word. he was twappy to see me. >> that's very cute. all right. thanks for the tweets out there. carol, preach that. the collapse of the gadhafi regime, it could get the oil flowing in libya again. that could save you money at the gas pump. hear what one analyst has to say about that. [ male announcer ] they'll see you...before you see them. cops are cracking down on drinking and riding. drive sober, or get pulled over. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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12:57 pm
the war in libya disrupted this up country's oil production, getting the oil flowing again could actually save you money when you fill your gas tank but by how much and how soon? that depends. the story now from cnn's mary snow. >> reporter: as the gadhafi regime falls, one of the big questions is what happens now to wuflt libya's biggest assets, it's oil? libya supplied about 2% of the world's oil until civil war broke out in february, bringing production to a virtual halt. before the war started libya was producing 1.6 million bears of oil a day and exports most of its oil and its biggest customers are in europe. italy gets 28% of its oil from libya. france is its second biggest customer. while europe will feel a bigger impact than the u.s. since the
12:58 pm
u.s. doesn't use libyan crude oil, one energy analyst says drivers everywhere could wind up paying less at the pump. >> it will have an impact on worldwide gasoline prices, and that will end up helping u.s. consumers by about 4 to 6 cents a gallon i predict over the next month or two. >> reporter: that timetable is up for debate. what's unknown is how much damage is done to refineries and pipelines and oil wells and there's the political question. if you don't have a stable security jirenvironment in liby if you're looking the aa power vacuum, western companies are reluctant to say bag in. >> there are predictions it could take 18 months to three years for libya to restore its oil production to full capacity, but analysts doesn't see western countries allowing that to happen. >> here's an opportunity for them to help a struggling democracy stands on its own two
12:59 pm
feet. if that means every single oil expert from texas to rotterdam is suddenly on a plane to libya to get the oil up in running, there's a chance that could happen. >> reporter: some of the u.s. energy companies that were in libya and had to leave say they have no timetable about when to send personnel back in. one company, though, marathon oil, says it's had preliminary talks with the national transitional council about coming up with a working plan to restore production once the situation stabilizes. mary snow, cnn, new york. the cnn newsroom continues right no with randi kaye. randi. >> thank you very much. no matter how you look at eryan, it is a monster. potentially the biggest hurricane to hit the u.s. in six year. it's on track to slam coastal north carolina on sunday and maybe new york city late sunday.


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